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Downtown Cincinnati Fishing Spots

Spots for fishing from the banks of the Ohio River around the Downtown Cincinnati area. To have some Rod Bending Catfishing action

 Wet a line and stay awhile!

 Here are some good catfishing spots for rod bending excitement in the Cincinnati area of the Ohio River.

Here are some of the few places for bank fishing around downtown Cincinnati. On the Cincinnati side of the Ohio River the Public Landing & Serpentine Wall are the spots to fish. You can drive your car right down to the river's edge at the Public Landing. When it is cold or wet you can watch your poles from the comfort of your car. I have talked with some guys that have caught fish right below the big red paddlewheel monument. I did have some hard bites there but never hooked the fish. The problem is my sinkers seem to find the snags too many times.                      

The Serpentine Wall is the water is a good 17 feet deep right off the walk area. take a dip net to get your fish from the water up to the walk way. The old ice breakers on the east end of the wall is one of the better places. By all means secure your pole to one of the short concret tie ups for boats. When a cat grabs your bait and the rod is not secured your rod will be gone in a flash. There is no way you will ever get it back in that deep of water.When the river is down in pool stage there is current flowing between the 3 breakers. Channel and flaheads are caught along those 2 spots.                        

On the Kentucky side of the Ohio you can fish the mouth of the Licking River. Both Newport and Covington have palces for bank fishing. The Newport bank is on the steep side and can be slippery if there is any rain or heavy due. The channel of the Licking River is very close to the Newport bank so a long cast is not required to get to the deeper water. Most of the folks that fish there cast their lines into the Licking River. You can also fish right at the South end of the Cental bridge. Park your car at the lot below the Riverboat Row street and fish right at the bank. There is a lot of riprap extending from the bank so you can get snagged.

You can park your car on the street then walkdown the steps at the Covington spot. The bank is level with sand and gravel so it is easy to walk. You can either fish the Ohio Or Licking at that area. I know there are channels and flatheads in that area. I have been told Blue cats also have been landed there.


I hope this is some help in getting a few more cats hooked to end of YOUR line in the future. Tight lines to all.

webmaster for Cincinnati Catfishing


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