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The top bait by far for the big channel cats at Lockport over the summer is Goldeye fish. The locals eat these fish so they are not sold as bait anywhere up there. You have to go and catch them yourself to use as bait. The limit was 7a day per person several years ago. You fish for them like fishing for bluegills, small bobber and hook. Bait the hook with red worm or small piece of night crawler. These fish run in schools so when they are in a location the action is fast and furious and a lot of fun in itself. They are a chore to scale off to fillet them for bait but it is worth the effort.

In August the leopard frogs are a bait that the catfish seem to treat as a snack and just hammer them. Be sure to hold onto your rod for I saw a guy have the rod ripped right out of his hands. He was using the frog as bait at that time. It used to be no problem to get your own supply of frogs. Now there is a problem with the frogs dying off in such large numbers the game folks in Canada may have put a limit on using frogs. You will have to check on that when you get up to Lockport. Just hook them through the lips or one of the back legs. The deal is you either you get the catfish or he just rips the frog off the hook, no gentle taps at all.

Shrimp is a good back up bait when you can not get the frogs or Goldeye. You have to go into the town of Selkirk to find a supermarket that has shrimp. Bait stores do sell it but the price is far too high for the amount of shrimp you get. I fished with a local and he soaks the shrimp in real vanilla extract instead of being raw.

Chicken liver also means going into Selkirk to buy it. Night crawlers can be bought at a reasonable price at the bait stores.

With these baits you will enjoy the hart pounding thrill of fighting those monster size channel cats. You will have those memories for the rest of your life.

webmaster for Cincinnati Catfishing


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