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2011 Catfishing Action

Here is the information of the trips of this 2011 CATFISHING season.

UPDATE Nov 8th. 08:15 paid my $4 parking fee at the public landing and got my boat in the river. 1st stop was up river just below Joe’s Crab Shack on the Ky. side. I had a couple of taps on seasoned chicken breast nothing on the thawed skipjacks. 2nd. spot was just above Joe’s with the same results; taps but no strong bites.

I lifted the anchor since there was decent current tried drift fishing. No action that way either. Anchored the boat just above Hooters, my favorite spot at 10:05. I hooked a small 16 inch 1pound 6 oz. channel cat at 10:10. This fish hit a strip of seasoned beef. 10:35 hooked into a little bigger fish also on the beef strip. This channel cat came in at 22.5 inches 4.5 pounds.

11:15 headed back to the ramp for the 9.9 motor started acting up again. This has really been my worst year of fishing from my boat. I believe this will be my LAST trip of the year.

UPDATES Oct 11th.: I put my boat in the river around 09:40. I had my 3 rods in the water at Hooters at 09:50. I stayed there for around 2 hours, had 1 bite. It was a hard run, suspected it to be a Garr.
I moved the boat down river to the Ky. pier of the L&N Bridge. I got 2 taps on season chicken breast and that was all. I headed back to the ramp and home at 12:30, at least got a few taps this trip.

UPDATE Oct 6th. I put in at Fredrick’s and went down the Licking River to the Ohio river. Then set up at the Mill Creek area. It was a bright sunny day no wind but very strong current and lots of drift. I put out my 3rods; fresh & thawed skipjack and chicken breast for bait. 50 mins. later mover down river about a mile. I went there to get out of the fast current. Stayed there for about 45mins and gave up for I never got a bite at all. Headed back up river and just around the mouth of the Licking River my motor just cut back to idle speed. I could not get it to go any faster; so headed right for the ramp. It took a long time to nurse it back; but at least I never had to row at all. These were two frustrating trips. I hope to get back on the Ohio soon; to get some of the action the other folks have been having the past 2 weeks.

UPDATES: Oct 4th. I put my boat in at The Licking River around 09:00 I went up river ; I marked fish at 4 different places. I put out my 3 rods at each spot. I had fresh shad thawed skipjacks and chicken breast. I never got a tap so called it a day at 11:00

Sept 12th. Update: After a delay of a few hours I finally got my lines in the Ohio River at 09:45. I had 3 rods out at the down river side of the out flow by Joe’s Crab Shack. There was some current in the river a light breeze blowing up river. I hooked a small 18 inch Channel cat at 10:10. This fish hit a small thawed skipjack it was only 2.5 pounds. 10:35 I moved down to Hooters. I had 1 tap on seasoned chicken breast.

1:10 I moved the boat closer to Hooters. 11:40 boated another Channel cat 18 inches but was 2.5 pounds as well. This guy liked the seasoned chicken breast. I had one other good bite on that bait but missed it.
I called it a day at 12:30 for the long slow trip back to Fredrick’s Landing on the Licking River.

Aug 24th. UPDATE: No shad at the Public Landing ramp again. We headed down river and started fishing at 08:40. The wind was blowing upriver bouncing the boat a good deal. I was not going to stand up to fight a fish with boat bouncing that hard. We did have some hard taps; suspect they were Garr or Strippers instead of catfish. Stayed there till around 10:15 then gave up and headed back up river.
10:45 had our lines in the water by Hooters, at least the wind was not bad there. We had a couple of taps but not hard bites. The heat was really getting to us; since no real action called it a day at 11:30 and headed home.

Not sure when we will get back on the river for next weekend is the big fireworks show. I am sure the Public Landing will be shutting down from Thursday until after the big event.

Aug 19th. UPDATE: Aug 19th. Joe & I left the Public Landing at 08:00 headed down river. We got our poles in the water at 8:20. It was our best day this season. We came up with Joe catching 4 nice channel cats. His smallest was 4 pounds and big fish of the day; that was a 10 pounds.
I caught 2 channel cats and 2 baby 11 inch BLUECATS. My biggest was 9 pounds 28 inches. All the fish were caught on raw or seasoned chicken breast. ALL the fish were released to fight another day.

I did not net any shad at the ramp again.

So it looks like the cats are finally feeding and giving us some fun. Looking forward to wetting our lines again next week.

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