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Great 2006 Catfishing Action

Results for the rest of October are NONE!! The Ohio River has been up and running all month long. Last week it got up over 40 feet here. I had hoped to try once it got down, however another rain event has occurred that is going to push the level up to around 35 feet. By the time the river gets down it will be around November the 3rd. or 4th. So odds are my fishing trips in my boat are about over for the year. Not sure yet when I will be covering the boat up for the year but the snow will be flying here soon.

Results of Oct 7th. & 10th. On the 7th. I met up with guys from Dayton on their boat. We fished down river from 1;30 till mid-night. I believed all the boats would be hanging around tall Stacks, but we had a load of boats and jet skis running all over. The river was running very hard and muddy. I only had 2 bites all the time . The other guys did better. They boated 11 cats. 6 flatheads and 5 channel cats. Live & cut shad caught most of them, shrimp accounted for 4 of them. The big one of the night was a 23 pound flathead caught on a creek chub. Had cut skipjack but not fish was caught with it. On the 10th. I was in my boat at my normal spots. Did not locate any shad so had to use my back up bait again. The river was still running hard had some problem holding with my anchors. Caught 2 fish, a 6 pound channel. A 4.5 pound carp was the other fish. Both were caught with shrimp. Not sure when I will get back out but hope to try next week.



My Favorite Catfishing Information And Supplies Web Sites

CATFISHING UPDATE! October 4th. Caught my record breaking catfish today!! Went up river to get away from the Tall Stack boat traffic. Was only able to net 3 shad for fresh bait. Got my lines in at my 2nd spot at 09:45 just below the Covington pumping station. 10:00 I had a hard bite on the live shad, and I hooked the fish. I knew right away it was a nice size fish. When I finally saw it I realized this was about the largest flathead I ever hooked. With a lot of effort I did get it in the dip net then into the boat. This guy was 33 inches long . 20 pounds my new personal beast for catfish in the Ohio River. Baited up with a slab of cut shad for they had died by this time. Cast the line in the same general direction. Nothing seemed to happed so decided to wind in and head for my next spot. As I pulled on the last pole that had the shad, I believed I was snagged, pulled again then it came off the bottom then was pulled! right back down. This fish was far stronger and bigger than the fish I had boated earlier. A 45 minute tug of war between me and the fish took place. I just kept saying I got all day, just take your time with this fish. Once this monster got to the boat he did not like the dip net at all! Five minutes of many misses finally got it in the net and into the boat. This flathead was the biggest fish I have ever caught. He was 36 inches long, 13 inch across the top of the head. Poundage by my spring scale came out to 44 pounds!! Did get some self time photos of the fish. Not easy to do for they do not want to stay still for the camera. These guys were returned to the river provide another fisherman the thrill of such be fish another day.

CATFISHING UPDATE! September 17th.& 20th. I met up with 3 other guys at their boat for a night of catfishing on the 16th. They already had plenty of fresh Shad for bait. We headed out to the Ohio River. The river was really rolling and colored, lot of drift. The heavy current caused them to lose 3 catfish right up by the boat. 2 of those were bigger flathead over the 10 pound size. They boated a total of 6 catfish,4 channels and 2 flatheads. the biggest weighed in at 7.5 pound channel. 5 of the 6 fish were caught on cut shad. I was skunked not even a bite that night! On the 20th.I got back to my regular spots. Did get 3 nice size shad at the ramp. The wind was blowing up river so the boat was rocking all morning long. Caught my first fish shortly after setting up at my favorite spot. This was a 6.5 pound flathead catfish 24 inches long. He hit the cut shad hard no tap, tap at all. I thought this was going to be a great day. Had a couple more bites there but no more fish hooked. I fished four more places before I boated a nice 5.3 pound channel cat. He went for some vanilla soaked shrimp. All the fish were returned to the river fight another day.

CATFISHING UPDATE! September 11th. I went UP river instead of my usual spots today. Got some nice size shad for bait at the mouth of the Little Miami River. Lines in the water at my first spot around 08:20. Had bites on the cut shad but no hook ups. Headed up to the granary a couple miles up the river. No barges at that place, no fish showed up on the fish finder. A long boat ride for nothing. Headed back down river to an old dam wall that was removed by the bigger dams. Had some luck there boating 2 channel cats. No bites on the shrimp or beef strips. Fished the next place about 1.5 miles further down river. Caught my biggest cat of the day there. Next spot I boated 3 cats. A decent channel, a small blue cat. The flathead rounded out the day. I headed back to the dock at around 1:30, The Shad was the KEY, the fished I hooked hit that bait. All the fish were returned to the river to get bigger and fight another day.

CATFISHING UPDATE! September 6th. I got some live bait at the public landing ramp area this morning. A skipjack, a shad and a large chub minnow. Headed out to my first spot around 08:10. Used cut skipjack and shrimp as I put my lines in at 08:15. Had bits on the cut bait but could never set the hook. The river was stained and stronger current that I had expected. Fished 3 other spots, had bites at all of them. The last spot I finally got the fish in the boat. Caught 3 channel cats and 1 small blue cat. The biggest fish a 7-8 pound channel cat got off right at the side of the boat. Just did not want to horse it so backed off the drag . Thought I just wear it out but somehow it got off. So the biggest in the boat was a 6.5 pound channel 25.5 inches long. It was a fine day weather wise to on the river. Did have plenty of bites, the fish I boated I caught on shrimp. The one that got off hit a piece of cut minnow. I headed back to the ramp at 12:45. All the fish were returned to the river to fight another day.

CATFISHING UPDATE! August 31st. I got down to the river for a few hours. Caught 3 catfish. Wind was blowing and strong current, made for a bumpy day in the boat. Lines in the water 07:30, boated the 1st & biggest cat at 07:50. A nice 6.4 pound channel. He hit a strip of seasoned cooked beef. The next cat was a 2.6 pound channel that hit shrimp. The final was a BABY flathead. He was so small could not pull my bobber under. He swallowed the shrimp so I had to cut the line. Did take a photo of the 6.4 pounder, all the fish were returned to the river to grow bigger.

UPDATE! August 20th. I finally got the photos of the night catfishing trip and Aug 6th. onto their web pages. I did go out on the 16th but got SKUNKED for my efforts. Hope to get back on the river on the 23rd. This time will hope the catfish are in a feeding mood again.

UPDATE! August 6th. I finally got to my downtown section of the Ohio River. It turned out to be the best morning of catfishing this season. Hooked 11 fish, however 2 of the got off right at the boat. Had to use my back up baits for I did not get any shad that morning. Totals were 3 carp smallest 6 pounds, largest was 7.8 pounds. 6 channel cats 2 were 1.8 pounds . The biggest one came in at 11.9 pound and 29.5 inches long. I had bites about every cast, once had both rods getting hit at the same time. Will fill in the details on a new web page later this week. It was a wonderful time with so much action. Will post some photos of this catfishing trip on that page. Here is the page that has the details of that trip BEST DAY OF CATFISHING THIS SEASON

UPDATE! July 29th-30th. I went night fishing for the first time in a few years this Saturday night. Met a couple of new catfishing friends at their boat. They got fresh shad right at the dock with their casting nets. Got our lines in the water at 5:30 p.m. Fished till 1 a.m., boated 10 catfish. I caught only one cat, it was a6.5 channel. That turned out to be the big fish of the trip. I will have more details on this and trips with my brother on night fishing by the end of this week. It is so hot; night time is the ONLY time to fish. Here is the link to the page with the photos and details of the trip.

My night fishing trip on the Ohio River

UPDATE! July 16th. I just received a copy of an article I was interviewed about, concerning catfishing here in Cincinnati. The main point I want to correct is I AM NOT NOR HAVE I EVER BEEN FISHING GUIDE!! The flatheads CAN BE up to 20 pound NOT SHOULD be 20 pounds. As for the average Channel Cat it is closer to 5 pounds not 8 pounds. My boat is only a 14 ft with 6 hp. motor so I normally fish alone. Hope this will clear up any confusion about me anyway.

JUNE 27TH. I put my lines in the water around 07:30 today at my first stop of the day. I did get a bite on chicken liver the fish cleaned off the hook. Looked around for some shad but did not see any. Moved down to my favorite spot notice the current was on the strong side. I stayed there about 30 minutes, no bites so I moved on. Made a short trip into the mouth of the Licking River, seeking out shad. They just were not there either. With current being so hard tried to fish the eddy in back of the Waterfront restaurant. The boat held fine but no bites. Next stop the I-75 Bridge, no hits there either. I headed back up river to Hooters. I got my lines in the water around 10:15. At 10:20, hooked a channel cat on my bobber rig and cut shad. The same time I was trying to get it in my outside rod got a hard hit. I pulled back and it felt like I had it hooked so I set the rod down as I was fighting the 1st fish. When I had that fish in the boat, picked up the other rod and the fish had gotten off!

That was all the action for the day. The current was getting stronger with more and larger drift coming down the river. The drift was really messing up my lines and one log pulled up my anchor rope. This was a real problem for I had to get my rods in so I could start up my motor before being pushed into Hooter’s barge. That is when I called it a day and head back to the ramp. The forecast for the river is around 33 ft by the weekend. With the extra Rain up east it may even go higher. That means for me no more fishing till after the 4th of July. Tight lines.

JUNE 20TH. 2006 I got to the Public Landing around 6:45. Spent better part of the next hour trying to get some fresh Shad for bait. Then the motor did not want to start as it should. I did have some back up bait, small tub of chicken liver and a sandwich bag of cut winners soaked with crawdad oil. Tried my favorite spot and got a couple taps on the chicken liver. Headed down river and tried again in the Licking for shad, once again no luck. Went down to the I-75 bridge set up 1 rod with each bait. Just about ready to move when my clicker started singing. Picked it up and set the hook. Right away realized there was a nice cat on the other end. The fish just did not want to come off the bottom. I just took my time and worked it towards the boat, but let it run with the drag. Then I saw it was a NICE BLUECAT. Got it in the dip net and finally into the boat. This fish was 32inches long and weighed 13.3 pounds.

Took 3 photos and then returned it to the river to grow bigger for someone else to have the thrill of his fight. The bait it hit was the winner with the crawdad oil, that was the ONLY bite I had on it all day. Finally got about a dozen shad and cut them up for bait. Head back up to my favorite spot and used up the last of the chicken liver on another hard bite. Then went over to the brakers, saw fish so tried my luck. While I was casting out my last pole the fist rod took off. I picked it up and hooked a small channel cat. This fish was only 1 pound and 14 inches. He took the cut shad. Rebaited and got another hard bite but missed it. By then the sun was getting to me so I pack it in for the day.

UPDATE! June 16th 2006! Had my lines in the water at 07:50. Had chicken liver and only 2 netted shad. Caught a 4 pounder with the chicken liver at 08:00. Had a number of bites on the chicken liver but nothing on the fresh Shad? After 45 mins, left to try to get more shad no luck. Fished 2nd. spot for about 30 mins no action at all. I did get a load of shad for bait at the mouth of the Licking River with my net. Headed to the area of the old Covington landing just had a couple of light taps. Next stop the I-75 bridge by the Ky. pier once again just lite taps on the shad. Went back to above Hooters for last try of the day. Has cut shad on 2 poles and chicken liver on another. I was going to eat some lunch since the fish did not seem hungry. That is when they got active for the cut shad. Missed one with the bobber rig. Then hooked a small channel only 12 inches on the bobber. Just as I was finishing my lunch another channel took off. While I was bringing it in the bobber went under and stayed under. Once I got the 4 pounder in the boat I picked up the bobber rig and notice the bobber was drifting free. Somehow the line broke or got cut on a snag by the fish!! Stayed a little longer but they stopped so packed it in at 13:45, headed back to the Public landing . Strange they wanted the chicken liver earlier then only the shad around noon time. Hopefully the big brothers of those fish will be hungry the next time I am out

UPDATE! June 9th 2006! Met my bother with his boat around 7:00 this morning. He had a great day on that section of the Ohio the other week, so I have been eager to check it out. We each boated 4 channel cats, His total weight was 21 pounds. I came in a lot lower at 13.5 pounds. My brother had the big cat of the day a 7 pounder. The bait was refrigerated Shad, he netted the other day. One spot was wild; I get a fish to the boat then his rod would get hit. He get that fish in and mine would bend. That lasted for about 25 minutes then it just stopped! Since I had been skunked the last 3 times out this was a very enjoyable trip for me. I have a feeling my brother will be spending more time with his boat around that part of the river. It was great to fight a catfish again.

UPDATE! May 16th. 2006! Finally got back on the river this morning. Wind was blowing upriver and it prevent me from spotting any shad. I had to depend on the old skipjack I thawed out as bait. Lines were in the water at 07:55, went to 7 different spots. Packed it in at 13:30. Had only 3 reel clicking bites, none of the fish came back so I could get a pull on them.

UPDATE! May 3rd. - 5th. 2006! May 3rd. got my lines in the water later than usual 09:35. I was surprised how the river had cleared up, but there was a strong wind blowing up river. Caught a Channel cat on my bobber rod with filet skip jack from the freezer. It was 4.5 pounds and 21.5 inches. That was all the action for that day.

May 5th. got the lines in by 08:20 Set up at my 3rd spot at 09:50. Since the sun was coming out decided to look in my backpack fishing bag for sun glasses. When I looked up to close the bag saw my rod getting hammered back and forth. I thought the rod might come out of the holder then it went slack. I picked up the pole the fish did not come back. I was saying to myself how could a fish hit a rod that hard and not get hooked. When I started to wind in the line I got my answer, The fish snapped the 30 pound line. I learned my lesson to keep the reel freed up and CLICKER ON from then on.

Had a few decent taps even made clicker sound. Then they just peck the skip jack off the hook. Finally at 12 :15 the clicker sounded and this time the fish had the bait. Pulled back and realize it was a very nice fish at the other end. When I got it to the surface near the boat knew getting it netted would be a real task. I just waited him out so I could work the net with one hand and my rod with the other. When I got it in the boat the Blue cat was one of the bigger ones I ever caught. I measured it out 30 inches and 15 pounds. Took some photos of it then returned it to get bigger. The wind started to blow up river now so was pleased to boat a small channel cat at 12:55 This guy was only 2.7 pounds and 18 inches. Packed it in for the day around 13:15. All my bites were on filets of skip jack. So if ANYONE know of skipjack in the downtown area of the Ohio let me know.

UPDATE! May 2nd . My brother and I fished on April 30th.with catfish guide Dale Broughton. He really has his boat set up just great. Has a covering over the seats that kept the rain off us during our trip. The 225 HP motor moved us across the water very smoothly. Here is a photo from that trip

UPDATE! April 22nd. I did get out on April 6th. 6 hours and one small channel cat for the day. The fish was only 15 inches and 1 1/2 pounds. So small I did not even take a photo of it. At least I was not skunked. THE DOCK AREA AT FREDICK'S IS READY FOR BOATS. Thinfin shad of 2-3 inches are at the dock of Fredrick's landing on the Licking River. We are looking forward to our trip with Dale Broughton catfish guide on April 30th.

Tight line and lots of action.

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